Thursday, 27 September 2012
(un)american dream @ 20:01

the moon allows her beams
to weigh o'er peri(t)winkle shores
a fleeting memory of
lost love riding on fading stars
a phantom drum, like a rhythm
so familiar to both ears and heart
defining our every step on a path
who's destination is not known
as either good or evil.
the beacon glows green, fog,
while the sounds of our souls
are lost in the haze
from below a warm breeze guides your foot-
fall in step with mine
hands joined in a quest
to reach the end
rediscovering our past,
the emerging path ahead
brings us to where we want to be
drowning in time to an old lover's requiem.

Sunday, 10 June 2012
003; needles, nostrils, & knives @ 15:51

Pierced my other nostril, bitches.
And my vertical labret.
By myself.

Suck on that, licensed shops. :D
well, I did get bloog on my contacts.. oh well :3

  yeah, piercings bleed. what of it?

Wednesday, 6 June 2012
002; across the universe @ 18:58

"Looking back over a lifetime, you see that love was the answer to everything."- Ray Bradbury
 Today started yesterday. Haven't slept yet, aside from cat naps stolen on the couch. Ahem >.>; Someone kept me up all night, but someone is cute and sweet so I can handle that.

 I have thus accomplished... 

  • made more of our supersecretamazinglyphenomenal cake release, doubled the recipe because we go through it way too fast;

  • got an interview at Sears tomorrow, home appliances;
  • finished Friday's menu for gumbo, potato salad, and bombtastic brownies;
  • found my dream refrigerator, so, so out of budget.

Thursday, 31 May 2012
001; bruise pristine @ 13:52

Just a little case of mood poisoning.. must have been something I hate.

I'm a lazy bastard. I'm a lazy bastard. I'm a lazy bastard. I'm a lazy bastard. I'm a lazy bastard.

Haven't you heard? I've decided to try a new motivational tactic. Instead of taxing myself with a daunting 'to do' list every day, I'm going to redirect that energy into making an 'accomplished today' memo, and take note of the things that I actually got off my ass and did. Yeah, it's not the best method, I'm lazy, bite my shiny metal ass.

What I've Accomplished Today;

  • Downloaded, labeled, and sorted over 1,400 textures for PSP;
  • [Finally] downloaded the CDs my mom asked me for;
  • Got my base layout coded for VF, now working on colours and imaging;
  • Downloaded World War Z for my kindle;
  • Lost my mobile twice, left my kindle in the fridge, and searched for the headphones that were still on my head for a good half-hour before I thought to question where the music came from;
  • Two more CDs for mom;
  • Four icons, six banners, and touched up a previous blend I did;
  • Two more blends, downloaded new pixel fonts, and added about 25 new books to my kindle;
* kiss my ass, Jack.

And it's only 1300. Now it's 1611. 2145&I'm out.